Welcome to Heart Matters Healing

Brad and Raylene MarshallMy journey into alternative medicine began with the birth of our second eldest son of four in 2001. After being a few months old he began having seizures and it was discovered that at birth he had a stroke. The meconium had gotten into his lungs at birth and it was a loss of oxygen for a few seconds that caused left side hemiplegia. The doctors diagnosed him with cerebral palsy and sent us home.

My husband I felt we had to look into alternative healing methods as all that was given to him was medication to control the seizures which did not and caused him to go into a world of his own which left him unresponsive to his surroundings. We took him for Cranialsacral Therapy a few times and there were small changes in him. But we felt kids grow and change all the time so that was probably all it was. As we were skeptics in it all but searching to find something to help him or at least feel like we were doing something rather than just waiting. The therapist suggested we take him to a class they were having in Edmonton. Three therapists worked on him at the same time. One actually working through me on him which I had never heard of before. At the end of the session his left arm which was held against the chest area because of the spasticity in the elbow had dropped to the hip. We could not believe it and our 3 hour drive home was very quiet.

I felt I had to take this class because my brain had to understand how this could happen just by laying your hands on someone. Therefore, the learning for me began in 2004 taking classes and meeting with clients over the last 10 years in Touch for Health, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki (Usui/Karuna), Equine and Animal Reiki, Psychosomatic Therapy, Essential Oils Classes, Spiritual Healing Classes, Crystal Therapy, Access Bars, German New Medicine, Color Therapy, Oneness Blessing Course, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Sports Therapy, and Lipo and Lift Masssage Training. We are happy to report that he only has to wear a leg splint to help with hyperextension of his knee and his seizures have not occurred since the age of 2. Connor has some delays in some cognitive areas but continues to thrive with the attitude to always try everything attitude. He has participated in many studies through the Children's Hospital in Calgary, AB.

As I learned these classes along the way to help in Connor's healing, it also helped within our own self-healing, and many others I treated. A strong intuition has also developed with knowing what is happening with people physically and emotionally.

It has been an amazing journey for me and my family and my wish is that I will be able to help many more on their own healing journey.